29 August 2013
OfficePOD: Home Office

Becoming an OfficePOD user can bring benefits to all. The ability to cut down on commuting and spend more time at home, yet be more productive in your office, safe from day-to-day distractions.
And as employers increasingly look to flexible working and innovative ways of finding efficiencies without sacrificing productivity, OfficePOD offers an employer a truly flexible workplace solution that doesn't risk compromising the employee's welfare and productivity. Similarly, the employee needn't risk compromising the balance of their domestic environment.
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Camp Daybed by Stephanie Hornig

Camp Daybed designed by Stephanie Hornig.The excessive upholstery and therefore required hard shells of a sofa make it a very bulky piece of furniture. 
The camp daybed is a sleeping bag with legs, on which we can relax during the day and sleep at night. It has a very deep seat to provide ample space for sleeping.A padded fabric is hung over the low backrest and tightened with rubber bands. Like in a tent there are attached back pockets to store unused pillows or magazines. Of course the duvet cover can be easily removed and washed. 

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Overflow  Bathtubs By KASCH

Overflow  Bathtubs designed By KASCH. Pure pleasure - a bath in harmony with yourself and nature - a sensuous experience, balancing and relaxing.
In an OVERFLOW whirlpool by KÄSCH you will focus on nothing but yourself and soothing massage sensations.
The water flows back into the basin in a seemingly endless cycle, allowing you to enjoy this visual and acoustic
experience during your bath, from start to finish.

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27 August 2013
Battery Powered Electric Vehicle

e rx-Battery powered electric vehicle concept designed by Maila Thon. Winner of red dot award: design concept. Some of the challenges that the current green and hybrid cars face are high costs and restricted range or capacity. To overcome these, we have here the e rx, a battery-powered electric vehicle concept. It mainly features an optional range extender that can be rented at gas stations or car dealerships. Essentially this kit contains all components inside one compact box: combustion engine, exhaust system, cooling unit, and fuel tank.
  • It is available in different sizes with respect to its power output and the size of the fuel tank.
  • The car concept focuses on a very lightweight and cost-efficient design.
  • This is realized by the reduction of fabricated parts.

Via: yankodesign.com
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26 August 2013
Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat

Now you can explore the Amazon River with Aqua Amazon from the team at Aqua Expeditions, a boutique hotel that floats through the Amazon.
The 130-foot-long, M/V Aqua is the first true luxury cruise ship on the northern Amazon River in Peru and was custom built for Aqua Expeditions by Peruvian architect Jordi Puigin 2007 to offer an extraordinary level of comfort for our guests. 
The M/V Aqua can accommodate a maximum of 24 cruise ship guests plus crew. This luxury cruise ship is the perfect size to sail along the Amazon River, providing extremely comfortable lounge, dining and sleeping accommodations and modern navigation technologies and standards for cruise ship travel and safety on the water. 
The M/V Aqua’s twelve oversized cruise ship suites, including 4 Master suites, feature en suite sitting areas and generous outward-facing picture-windows with panoramic Amazon river views. Each of the handsomely decorated, air-conditioned cruise ship suitesmeasure between 230 to 240 square feet. Four of these suites can be interconnected, to cater to families.

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25 August 2013
Murphy’s Paw Design

Designed by Murphy’s Paw Design and Clark | Richardson Architects. Modern Fold-Out Pet Bed for the pampered pet and the stylish modern owner. Perfect for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs, these beds provide your pampered pets a comfortable bed when needed but fold up into a stylish piece of furniture when not in use. This modern design allows for space saving in smaller spaces and chic style anywhere.
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Fusion Pool Tables

All of billiards enthusiasts want their own pool table in the house, but many of them encounter common problem of not having enough space.Besides this problem, ultra sleek Fusion Tables offer the perfect solution for any space, giving you that pool table you’ve always wanted.
Especially this convertible dining pool table lets your dining space double as a place to hang out and socialize with friends. It is ready in 60 seconds.
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CouchBunker: Couch With Gun Safe

Consider a fire-rated gun safe hidden inside a custom built couch, with bullet proof cushions with carry straps, so they can be used on the fly as a shield. Yes now there is one!
CouchBunker™ patent pending, is available in a wide range of styles, leather and fabric coverings creating choices from game room casual to living room formal. Charles Alan Inc., a Ft. Worth contract furniture house, makes the couches, to order.

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24 August 2013
C.24 Wireless Music Keyboard

The C.24 is a two octave wireless music keyboard designed for iPad. The ultra portable C.24 transforms from a protective cover into a piano-style keyboard at the touch of a spring-loaded latch.

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Splash Red Chopping Board

Splash Red Chopping Board  has featured in many of the worlds largest blogs and websites and has created a massive buzz in the Geeky, Cool, Scary and weird world of gifts and gadgets. It has been related to as the blood dripping chopping board and the paint splash chopping board. But whatever it is called we know it is already their biggest seller of 2013 just on pre-orders alone.

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Skoda Giant Pram

Skoda has unveiled it's Mega Man Pram and it might be the coolest buggy in the world.The pram stands at two metres high and comes complete with wing mirrors, hydraulic suspension, 20 inch alloy wheels, oversized brake callipers, anti-stress grips and even a headlamp.The buggy also contains 'sports-style upholstery'. .Skoda claims that the Man Pram provides 'the ultimate baby transportation experience'. Unfortunately, the pram won't be available in shops any time soon, it was created as a one-off prototype for a new Skoda advertBut you could still own it! Skoda are planning on giving the pram away in a competition.Although if it was to go on sale, it would have a royal price tag. It's estimated that the buggy would set you back more than £8500.
Via: him.uk.msn.com
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