30 June 2013
The OpenBook Library Chair

While technology advances, and contrary to expectations, books are still loved. The OpenBook is a seat and a library that celebrates the printed form.
Its design represents an evolution from TILT’s original Library Chair which itself was designed for a Grade II listed building where shelving for books could not be installed so instead the books were incorporated into the chair design.
It is a comfortable reading space for those wanting a quieter moment, while also a showcase for books and magazines of any size and shape. At the same time the chair was to be open, exposing the user to others within the space allowing for serendipitous interaction.
The OpenBook Chair has a fully upholstered interior, including an upholstered side panel, offering additional comfort and sound insulation.
Source: studiotilt.com

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The Vessel Hammock Bathtub

Struck by the synergy between the shapes of two compelling symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a bath tub, Splinter Works were inspired to develop a piece that would provide the ultimate vehicle for total escapism. 
The peaceful experience of kicking-back in a hammock has been further enhanced by combining it with the immersive comfort of soaking in a hot bath. By literally elevating the experience of bathing into a suspended sculpture the bathroom has been reinvented as a contemplative sanctuary for artful relaxation.
Designed for use in a wet room, Vessel is suspended from the walls and does not touch the floor. It is fixed with stainless steel brackets that can be covered over, or left revealed. The bath is filled using a floor standing tap and the waste water released through the base into.by Splinter Works
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23 June 2013
Original Circle Kitchen

The Original Circlekitchen is an innovative high-tech compact kitchen concept for commercial and residential use. This 180° revolving circle kitchen design features all the characteristics of a traditional kitchen with an incredibly low demand on overall space, less than 1.8 sqm.

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22 June 2013
Analog Memory Desk

A desk to record all the small items you write down once, 
but intend to forget tomorrow.
I've come to realize that I'm somewhat obsessed with how we remember the past. 
This is the latest installment in that series and a more serious attempt at furniture making. 
There are a hundreds of little things that we don't try to remember every year or 
even every week. Does the sum of all these tiny parts produce 
a new narrative on our lives?
1,100 yards of paper will record the lists, the phones numbers you call once, 
the pixel size of that box on that website, the street name of that business, 
and the long division you try to remember.
Made out of hard maple, butcher paper and a glass panel.
Source: kcamara.com

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17 June 2013
Kohler Moxie Speaker Showerhead

Surround yourself with sound for a new kind of KOHLER shower experience. Your music. Your shower. Your time. To shine. To chill out. To sing. To refresh. To re-set. To be moved. To get energized. To get away. The Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker delivers 7 hours of music, news and more to your showerhead by pairing wirelessly with your Bluetooth- enabled devices. The magnetic speaker capsule pops in and out of the showerhead for easy re-charging of the built-in Lithium-ION battery. And 60 angled nozzles deliver the full, enveloping spray coverage you've come to expect from a KOHLER showerhead. So, what are you waiting for? Your music wants to shower with you.

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16 June 2013
Smart Swimming Goggles

Smart Swimming Goggles designed by Han Chanhee, Kim Juyoung, Han Dhojin & Kwon Yoonjoo.

  • The built-in GPS component shows the location of other divers.
  • A ‘call’ button on the left side of the goggles allows you to call another diver, and the display shows the progress of the call.
  • A 3D camera on the top of the goggles allows you to take 3D photos of the scenes you see.
  • A ‘shot’ button on the left of the goggles activates the camera.
  • The images can be sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone or smart TV.
  • An information display reveals details about the fish or plant life that you see. Other information necessary for safe underwater activities (such as oxygen level and current) is also shown.
  • Via: yankodesign.com

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    14 June 2013
    Lamborghini  Egiosta Concept

    Lamborghini has just come up with their latest launch, the Lamborghini Egiosta Concept, copying designing idea from the aviation world. This Apache helicopter style vehicle is powered with 5.2 litre V12 engine with 600 horsepower. Amazing sharp lines and enthusiastic angles have been used all over its body with a collection of LED clearance lights, rims and secret xenon headlamps.it has a single person cockpit designed with the perfect blend of aluminium and carbon fibre. Truly, a remarkable piece to be seen in dreams every night!

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    11 June 2013
    Tumbler-  WHY SO SERIOUS??

    Tumbler was built due to two reasons, first it was easy and second it was amazing funny. One of the members went gag a about Dark Knight, and this year it is or Gumball. The idea was discussed with Parker Brothers Concepts. As you know when ideas come in, it becomes crazy and things become easy like magic. 
    Though the Tumbler has been created before and many movies and picture have been seen along with race track footage. The complex part was to create one which can last 3000 miles and road legitimately without losing it. The original prints couldn’t be achieved, yet the Parker Brothers Concepts have to do little work and fill the gaps.

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    Soleta Home – 500sq. ft. Of The Grid

    People usually don’t like many of the grid homes, but this Soleta home is different. The home was designed by Justin Capra Foundation for Sustainable Technologies and Inventions. The structures are green and environmental friendly with flexibility for various size and types. The home has the capability to go fully off the grid with the help of renewable resource or undergo transitional type which allows hooking up of normal use of energy. As per FITS, the house is designed with 97% recycled products. The modular units can be reconfigured functionally if larger space is needed in the future. 
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