29 November 2012
iConvert Scanner for iPad

If you need a portable scanner and when you search it on the market you will see most of them are designed to be used for laptops , not tablets.You can use   Brookstone's iConvert Scanner ($149) for your iPad which lets you scan physical documents and photos directly into your iPad, a potentially great way to digitize your old photos or official documents. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to its promise.
Source: laptopmag.com

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26 November 2012
GROHE Power & Soul Shower

The Most Innovative Shower in the World.
With its cohesive use of flat cylindrical shapes and stepped detailing GROHE Power&Soul™ Cosmopolitan is the perfect choice for modern architectural bathrooms. Three sizes of hand showers feature a choice of up to four truly innovative spray patterns: GROHE Rain O2, Rain, Bokoma Spray™ and Jet.
Refined and honest, Cosmopolitan style is a meticulous balance of design and functionality. Influenced by modern architecture, it fuses bold geometric shapes with advanced engineering.

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The Glide Track Bike

Michael Shrewsbury has designed a track bike concept which called “The Glide” that features
a frame made in nano carbon. Track bike includes an internal crank set to save your clothes 
from rolling in the chain.The rear wheel causing to turn and give you forward or reverse motion. 
It includes a smartphone dock in its frame and also integrates rear lights into the aero twin seat 
post that lights up as soon as you engage the breaks to ensure complete safety from the vehicles
coming behind.

Via: designbuzz.com
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Huffy Green Machine

Make your child happy with this Huffy Greean Machine.


  • Durable steel frame with Pink accents
  • Dual-stick steering for great spins
  • Adjustable bucket seat gives side support during spins and adjusts for a perfect fit
  • Wide 20" front pneumatic tire with Pink rim grips during spins
  • Wide plastic rear tires with Pink rims for great slides and spins

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Urban shelf: Fire-Escape Shelving

We always prepare for the worst situation, even we dont want to consider the possibility of a fire ripping through our home. At that point this Urban Shelf has a safe way to escape the flames.
Their description;
Bound to be a hit with homegrown and transplanted big city hipsters (whether they live in vintage or contemporary spaces), this clever design holds books, modern 'zines, plants, supplies and artwork on all three landings. Ships in two pieces, easy to assemble. Wall mounted. Made of sturdy epoxy-coated steel.

Via &Source: chiasso.com
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22 November 2012
Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept

Rinspeed Dock+Go Car concept by Frank M. Rinderknecht. Use your car as you wish.It is specifically this third on-demand axle that is the crucial point of the innovative modular mobility system the Rinspeed boss has devised.
For more: rinspeed.eu

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Round Armchair -Tenderly

SICIS NEXT ART offers Tenderly which is Chapter One collection Tenderly is a round armchair in the shape of a rose whose giant petals cover its back, seat and arms and wrap up in a warm embrace whoever takes a seat on it.
100% hand made in Italy.
Different color versions are available.
This great armchair produced in a limited edition of 200 pieces.

Via: archiproducts.com
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18 November 2012
Vasca Thais Art-Luxury Whirlpool

When we are tired, there's nothing like relaxing in the tub filled with hot water, that's why the most important thing in the bathroom is luxurious bathtubs.At this point this large whirlpool by Blubleu offers you a  high-end aesthetic.It transforms your bathing experience.Its  size – 235 by 215 cm, which is perfect for two person.
They say; Thais-Art is a project that liberates creativity is like a tailored suit made ​​according to your taste: a new concept of personal space.

For more : blubleu.it

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17 November 2012
Apple iWatch Concept 2

As you remember Apple iWatch Concept by ADR STUDIO. This is Apple iWatch Concept 2 by the italian designer Antonio de Rosa. In this new version , Apple iWatch Concept 2 offers us many watch features;
 Wifi and Bluetooth, RSS reader, 32GB, Weather, Clock, LCD Projector, Camera Crane, Case polycarbonate, aluminum frame, 5-color bracelet! 

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15 November 2012
Living in a Bubble

Swiss designers have invented a human-sized bubble, described as a ‘place of retreat’ for people who want a bit of peace but don’t want to be completely out of touch.

The transparent globes made by Swiss designers Micasa Lab can be used in a room, outside, attached to the ceiling – or even put in water. A net enables it to be hung in trees, on buildings, or in a cluster of other cocoons.

Nesting: A giant net can be used to hang the Cocoon 1 from a tree to allow users to find peace in nature

Relaxation: The orbs can be transported to secluded spots to offer some small protection against the elements

Child's play: The simple design, primary colours and building block style modules are reminiscent of children's toys

For more: dailymail.co.uk
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BB Fireplace by Antrax Italia

Try this wall mounted fireplace instead.The SoHo Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace features a clean, geometric and sophisticated design, giving your home a modern style! The warm glow created by the dancing flames from this gas fireplace will create a mellow and luxurious atmosphere anywhere you wish to hang it!  This stylish wall mounted fireplace is easy to install, and all mounting hardware is included.
Source: thefancy.com

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