30 July 2012
10 Public Awareness Ads

There are a lot of bad things which are happening in our great world that we don’t care or sometimes there are things that we don’t want to see. One of the best ways to to raise awareness of these atrocities that are happening on a daily basis is clever and sometimes shocking advertising.

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29 July 2012
The Luxurious Sideboard by UNDA

The Luxurious Sideboard by UNDA is called “BOREAS“, and it’s inspired in the Greek God of the cold North Winter and the bringer of Winter. His name means “North Wind” or “Devouring One”. Boreas is depicted as being very strong, with a violent temper to match.

Therefore, we designed a piece loaded with a strong personality, detail and metallic structures, symbolizing the ice from the North Caves.

The interior has a repeated pattern structure painted in copper, simbolizing the devouring personality of Boreas, and two crystal glass shelves.

  Unda´s portfolio: behance.net
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Lewis Paper Designs


A collection of Lewis Paper Designs. Their invitation designs are handmade, fully customizable using recycled and high quality paper. Best of all...it's made with love!

"Natural Love" is printed on #110 Matte white paper, mounted on brown petal fold pocket. It comes tied with sheer green ribbon and coordinating monogram on the back.

"Chic in Black and White" is printed on heavy-weight pearlized paper, enveloped in black and white damask belly band and secured using black ribbon.

"Natural Love"

"Tread Lightly" is printed on #110 Matte white paper. It is beautifully enveloped in light pink vellum, embellished in sheer green ribbon and fastened with a pink flower.

 "Boarding Pass" is printed on #110 Matte white paper, enveloped in metallic fold and tied with hot pink ribbon.
Lewis Paper Designs, LLC
Primary Designer
Qubeliah Lewis

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26 July 2012
23 July 2012
Machine Embroidery Designs by Jagdish Shah

Machine embroidery is stitched with a computerized embroidery machine using patterns digitized with embroidery software. In machine embroidery, different types of "fills" add texture and design to the finished work.
Jagdish Shah is Machine Embroidery Designer. In the images that he  has tried to give a realistic effect to each of the image.

Contact and source: embroideryemotions.com
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22 July 2012
Eco-friendly Art Pieces by Otto Rodriguez

Otto Rodriguez creates a myriad of eco-friendly art pieces created from his own refuse (mostly paper, bottle tops & plastic). He also designs window displays (currently on display at Mayda Cisneros Couture Collection in Coral Gables, Fl.). He has done several large wall pieces made out of magazine inserts (made paper boats out of them) and a lot of things with recycled plastic tops. The two dresses, one is made from recycled plastic tops (the silver wedding dress) and the other is made with recycled magazine inserts and paper (made into paper boats and both have accompanying wall pieces). These two were recently created for a local "high end" dress designer (Mayda Cisneros) in Miami, Florida and were placed as her window displays. The Styrofoam series (called "Styrofoam Blossoms") was made from recycled Styrofoam cups and the butterflies were made from recycled paper.
Contact artist : mixmediagreenart@gmail.com 

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UNDA | Sleepless Design

UNDA | Sleepless Design is an exclusive furniture and lighting Design Company, from Portugal, inspired in the beauty of the Mythological World.Since the dawn of time, mankind has always been fascinated by beauty;it can be the cause of his greatest joy or of his biggest displeasure.Extraordinary Tales and Odes were created inspired in this magnificentworld, and one of them touched our souls; the Tale of “Ondine and her Curse”. When you acquire a UNDA piece, you’re not just is buying furniture; you are taking with you a fragment of Art History, transforming your space into something mystical, dramatic, emotional and beautiful, becoming yourself a part of this storytelling.

Contact and more info: undadesign and behance.net/UNDA_Design
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