30 June 2012
28 June 2012
27 June 2012
5 Coolest Bedroom Designs

This bookcase bedroom designed by Point Architects in Tokyo is a great example of a Japanese approach to space-saving interior design.[ Link ]

A collection of 5 coolest Bedroo designs.

Awesome kid's treehouse bedroom. [Link]

The Mirror Room is a diamond shaped room lined top to bottom with mirrors giving a kaleidoscope kind of effect. [Link]

This one was designed to look like a brightly painted medieval town. [Link]

This is probably the coolest modern bedroom we have ever seen. [Link]

via: oddee.com
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25 June 2012
Amazing and Unusual Steel Furniture

A collection of Amazing and Unusual Steel Furniture designed by Mati Karmin.The Estonian sculptor has literally made every furniture that you can get out of the steel mines; everything from armchairs, aquariums, cupboards, swings, fireplaces, writing desks, toilets, beds, bathtubs, etc. Karmin has a great educational background in the Estonian Academy of Art where he made sculptures out of bronze and stone.

source: updatedhome

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23 June 2012
10 Antique Gadgets

Collection of 10 antique Gadgets.

1977 Atari 2600
1962 Bell & Howell Zoomatic

1953 Kodak Brownie 127

1996 Motorola Star Tac

1949 Western Electric 500

1967 Amana Radarange

1981 IBM 5150

1976 JVC HR - 3300

1946 RCA Model 630TS

1979 Sony Walkman

Source: waycoolpictures

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