31 May 2012
Unusual and Creative Beach Towels

Collection of the unusual and creative Beach Towels.
Magazine Beach Towel

Sand Towel: This clever towel was created as a part of an advertisement to promote the travel insurance.It will cover and protect your valuables when you go swimming.

Awareness Message Beach Towel: This unconventional shaped beach towel was created as a part of an ambient advertisement to raise awareness to avoid being excessively in the sun. 

Towel With A Message This creative towel creates awareness and reminds you to be careful during the summer and avoid being excessively in the sun.  

Face Towel: It ends any possible confusion about which side to use. 

Beach Bag Towel: This creative beach bag can transform into a towel or a beach mat; designed by Maison Martin Margiela.  

Measuring Towel: A clever towel designed by Changduk Kim & Jinsoo Jeon allows you to measure your waist.  

Wearable Towel: This cool towel can be worn either in a tunic style or in a toga style. 
(Image: Credit).

Company: Axe   Agency: Lowe Mena, Dubai 


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12 Unusual Taxis from all over the World

Collection of 12 unusual taxis from around all over the world.

We all usually use the same boring taxis everywhere, but some of photos which shows there much different types of taxis around the world. Some of them look nothing like a taxi cab we are used to, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Enjoy these crazy taxis and choose your favorite taxi.

Taxi Boat Auckland, NZ

Tracked Peugeot 406 Taxi 

Coco Taxi Cuba 

Crown Victoria Taxi NY 

Hummer Taxi Houston 

Divine Taxi London  

Water Taxi New York 

Riksha Taxi Lahore Pakistan 

Solar powered Taxi 

Taxi Goa India 

Lamborghini Taxi 

Porshe Taxi 

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3D Street Art

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30 May 2012

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