15 April 2014
Mask the Bed for Small Spaces - DIY

After you try this project you will definitely decide you should never buy furniture anymore because you will see how easy it is to build your own. Useless to mention what a fun project this can turn out to be if you decide to do it with friends or family. Maybe normally you wouldn’t even consider this being a possibility, but if you have to face the lack of space in your house, you might have no alternative. This hidden bed project only needs 400 €, and you can benefit of a nice place to sleep and also a useful storage unit while in the platform you can let your children perform their artistic shows. The time needed for this project is from 3 to 4 days, while the materials needed can be bought in any hardware store where you can also find assistance in choosing the best products. For more details you can check out the sketches. Enjoy! 
Source: 1-2-do.com
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DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

We have a very creative project for people who love ingenious ways to decorate and color eggs for Easter. These marbled Easter eggs are very easy to do and your family and guests will surely be surprised by the beauty of them. In order to do this, you will need: boiled or empty eggs , different shades of nail polish, rubber gloves, toothpicks, plastic cups, and ribbons. The first step of the process is to boil the eggs or empty them. Put some water at room temperature into a water cup and start adding the nail polish to it, color by color until you see somthing like in the picture. You can become very creative here with mixing shades and colors. Place the egg into the cup, wait 2 seconds and take it out. Take a sheet of paper, let the egg dry and repeat this process to each and every egg you want to color. If you want you can add small ribbons to them and gather them in a cute basket or if the eggs are empty, you can place them on an Easter eggs tree.
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12 April 2014
DIY Easter Egg Basket

Easter is approaching fast and if you didn’t find a cute Easter basket we will show you how to make one with the help of old newspapers or old paper you don’t use anymore. In order to create this basket, you will need: woven paper or old newspapers, egg tray, scissors, acrylic paint and glue.

Take a sheet of paper like in the pictures (it has to be the size of the egg tray) and start adding some sides to it (this will be the base for starting to do the basket). Roll the paper as you see in the picture and create the model. When you are half done, put the egg tray in the basket and keep rolling. With more paper you will start braiding the sides and don’t forget to let some sides free so you can make the handle. After you have finished it, using also the help of the pictures you can paint the basket in what color you would like. Let the paint dry and now it’s time to fill it with some grass and beautiful Easter eggs.

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Turn Old CDs Into Easter Decorations

Holiday decorating can be so much fun if you have time and especially if you love diy projects and crafts. We thought about presenting you this project that will add a pop of color to your holidays. For this easter decorations you will need: a few CDs, paint, napkins with different patterns, thin brushes, scissors, a can of varnish, decoupage paper, glue, thin rope, super glue and a dish sponge.

Now, take each CD and fill in the empty space with some paper. Then cut the decoupage paper and glue it to each CD. Take the napkins and soak them into a bowl of water for a little bit. Cut them and put them over the decoupage paper and apply varnish with the help of a brush. With the help of the dish brush, gently rub the surface when the varnish has dried. This will help to remove the imperfections, if there are any. Now take the ropes, cut them into strings (you choose the length) and glue them to the CDs with super glue. Ready! You can display your cute decorations wherever you want!

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10 April 2014
Stunning Views in Thailand: The Naked House

Located on the south side of Koh Samui island, Thailand, The Naked House is a beautiful property owned by architectural photographer Marc Gerritsen. Hidden on a beautiful hillside looking over the island, the house is a beautiful merge between indoor and outdoor offering an authentic living experience. Two bedrooms on the bottom floor, beautiful kitchen in the middle and an office on top are all giving breathtaking views. The living room is with open plan and the doors can totally slide away creating the impression that nature entered the home. Materials used in building are concrete, wood, steel and glass because the owner wanted to return to simplicity as he wanted to feel the clean air, wide-open spaces and the quiet solitude. The house also features a steam room under the deck, a laundry room and pantry on the bottom level. Having no neighbors around you can truly say that this home is an oasis of peace, a great escape from the busy city life. 

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Incredible Furniture Pieces by Aqua Creations

This beautiful furniture collection named Anana was created by Aqua Creations, a lightning and furniture atelier. The designers wanted to offer something special for a market that is continuously interested in innovative things. They made a perfect blend between beauty and functionality which is transposed in the sofas, benches and chairs you can see. The Anana collection is handmade from fabric covered pods that form 3D surfaces. Even if they show a contemporary design, the furniture pieces don’t compromise when it comes to comfort and relaxation. Embracing modern interior design in a grandiose way, the furniture pieces bring a fresh breath of air to every home. When looking at this collection, some people might think of caterpillars and snails because of the unusual shapes of the sofas and benches but we think that this only adds a more interesting touch to the whole Anana collection. 

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